Picnic Cake
Picnic Cake

Cahoots Novelty Cakes

Our Story......

Here is the 1st novelty cake I ever made

This was for my son's 1st Birthday.

Friends & family commented on how good it looked & how nice it tasted!

Lot's of comments were made that I should make cakes professionally

After that I continued making cakes for friends & family.

From this point on I decided to start making more cakes with the ultimate aim of making novelty cakes professionally.

After a good bit more practice, thanks to the support & encouragement of my friends & family Cahoots Novelty Cakes was born.

American Cupcakes
American Cupcakes

We are a home based business

All cakes are made to order.

I use quality ingredients & free range eggs.....It all started from a cake for my son so I only use ingredients that I would be happy for him to eat at a celebration.